REO Property Maintenance

The longer a property remains on the market, the more important REO property maintenance becomes.  MCS works with our clients to provide the necessary REO property preservation and inspection services to help mitigate the risk of holding properties and reduce holding timelines.

REO Secure

MCS will change the lock(s) and install a lock box at the property based on the key/lock box code according to the client’s specifications. In addition, all doors, windows, gates and other openings will be secured based on the client’s requirements.

Lawn Maintenance

MCS will perform the necessary lawn maintenance to maintain the property’s appearance, prevent further degradation to the grounds and relieve the property of any existing or potential violations of local ordinances. Lawn maintenance includes mowing of the lawn, weeding, edge trimming, sweeping of all paved areas (sidewalks, driveways, patios, etc.) and removal of all lawn clippings, related cuttings and incidental debris. The disposal of all clippings and incidental debris is removed in compliance with jurisdictional requirements.

MCS also provides an automatic grass cut program, where we will maintain the grounds at the property according to the applicable client’s requirements. We will continue maintaining the grounds at the property until instructed to remove the property from the program or when maintenance is no longer required, as specified by the client’s specifications.

Janitorial Services

MCS provides janitorial services to bring each property to a marketable condition. The services include vacuuming of all carpets, mopping all non-carpeted floors, scrubbing all bowls and basins and wiping down all counter tops, cabinets and appliances. Janitorial services can be performed at the time of initial services and on a monthly recurring basis.

Debris Removal

MCS will remove interior, exterior and/or hazardous debris at the property as authorized by the client’s specifications.

Repair and Rehabilitations

MCS offers full-spectrum repair and rehabilitation of all REO properties. MCS strives to ensure that market-competitive materials and improvements are reflected in all aspects of the work. MCS will provide a cost-effective scope that enhances the marketability of each property in any given price range.

Emergency Maintenance

MCS will mitigate emergency conditions as quickly as possible, when there is a clear threat to the property or the health, safety or general welfare of persons on or near the property. Such conditions may involve the presence of toxic or noxious materials, potential vandalism, water penetration, mechanical plumbing, pools or electrical hazards and other related conditions.


This REO property maintenance service authorizes MCS to winterize the plumbing at the property, to prevent freeze damage, according to the client’s requirements for the geographic region of the property.

Pool Maintenance

MCS provides pool services that include the initial start-up of the pool and its operating systems, which may include draining, acid washing, treating and refilling the pool. Ongoing pool maintenance services can be provided on a weekly basis to ensure that the pool is maintained in an appealing manner to enhance marketability of the property. Pools will be secured via a locked gate or other means to discourage unauthorized persons from entering the pool area.

24/7 Call Center

MCS offers a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week call center that can handle emergency and non-emergency calls from occupants, neighbors, code official and other interested parties for both pre-sale and REO properties. MCS will work with each client to determine which services should be considered emergencies and handled immediately.

Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector & Water Heater Strap Installations

MCS provides smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and water heater strap installation per local code requirements.

Auction Sign Placement

MCS provides auction sign placement services, where we place auction signs at the properties scheduled for auction. Once the signs are placed, property checks are conducted prior to the auction to ensure the signs are still intact. The auction signs are removed once each property has been sold.

Relocation Assistance Management

MCS will coordinate with the listing agent and client to facilitate the relocation assistance exchange. MCS will inspect the property based upon the client’s specifications and instructions. If the property meets the client’s specifications, MCS will complete the relocation assistance exchange with the occupant(s) and secure the property.

Eviction Management

MCS provides property preservation support of the eviction and lock out process as required by each client. MCS will coordinate with local authorities on the removal of all debris and personal property at the property. MCS will follow the specific instructions provided with each lockout request based on state, county and city jurisdictions as well as client requirements.